Sweden’s National Parks


This Summer I took some time to explore some of the Swedish National Parks. Sweden has 29 National Parks, and around 4000 Nature Reserves.

Sweden has some of the oldest parks in Europe, and puts quite some effort in creating new areas, once in a while. Some of the parks are currently being renovated (new/improved infrastructures and accesses), and it’s a pleasure for me to know how well the tax money is applied.

Swedes naturally enjoy outdoors, and even in the coldest days, they will go outside to embrace the nature.

Some friends ask me if I don’t get bored in Sweden. Well, to be honest, you cannot get bored if you love outdoors. Kayaking, skiing, hiking, camping… Sweden has it all! Now, if you are a person that fancies shopping malls and crowded festivals, than you’d better not move to Sweden!

The National Parks differ quite a bit, whether in landscape (coastal, forest or mountain) or accessibility, meaning that some are easily reachable by public transportation, and some are so inaccessible to the point where there are no bridges, and you have to cross small streams.

On the website and at the entrance of each park, there is always information about what you can find in the park, and what you are allowed to do, or not. It’s impportant to always check this information before, to prevent unpleasant surprises/problems.

Besides that, there are already some phone applications available, with information on the different nature areas, for some regions.


2 thoughts on “Sweden’s National Parks

  1. Num comentário meu ao seu post “who said the winter is boring” perguntava-me qual era o meu blog. Deixo-o aqui de novo:
    Se for aos Tags encontrará lá a minha 2ª viagem à Lapland, quando da primeira ainda não tinha blog. Adoro as grandes latitudes…
    Eu passo com frequência no seu. Agora que nos “encontrámos”vou passar a deixar algum comentário.


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