Who said Winter was boring?

Since driving my own reindeer on a race (Oulu), to hop on to a hot air balloon flight (Gällivare), and even swimming in the icy waters of the Gulf of Bothnia (Piteå), I have been trying a little bit of everything!

And you know what? I am not done – it’s amazing the amount of new experiences one can try in Lapland! You don’t even need to go that far!

Boring and never-ending Winter? No way! I barely have time to sit on my sofa =D

Habits from Sweden (that I picked and love so much), and the ones I will never get used to!

It’s interesting to see how we get used to new habits, so easily, and at the same time, are relentless to change others.

Here’s a list of the good things I learnt in Sweden:

  1. Leave your shoes outside (saves a lot on cleaning!).
  2. Measure time in weeks (fantastic!).
  3. Doing everything via mobile phone (from a bank transfer to booking an appointment at the doctor, or even filing the tax return).
  4. Going to the sauna, at least, once a week, and then, roll on the snow 🙂

And the ones I cannot understand:

  1. Having lunch at 10.45 and dinner at 17. Really? I don’t even understand it in Winter, let alone in the Summer, with the never-ending days.
  2. How much Swedes love these cakes called Semla – can anyone imagine bread and whipped cream mixed together? Blahhh…
  3. Drink the Swedish coffee, accept it as coffee, and pretend nothing else is better than that!
  4. Walking on the ice as if you were walking on the asphalt. I wonder how they do it – I’ve seen old people walking faster than me, without falling!