I love Swedes :)


Some time ago, I came across this website, and I started listening to the podcasts. Not only they are extremely funny, but entirely true!

For all those asking me what it´s like to live and work in Sweden, if people really stay at home 18 months when they get kids, if it´s really true that you can take 6 or 10 weeks off… This and much more, here it is. I couldn´t say it better!

Västerbotten’s cheese pie

If I would have to pick a favourite food from Swedish cuisine, it would be this. Without a question!

When it comes to food, I’m picky. Besides not eating meat and seafood, there are still some more items I cannot stand. Luckily, one of the traditional foods in the region I live, is one of the best (or the best) in Sweden! And meat free 🙂

This pie, whose recipe can be found here, is really easy to bake, provided you have the main ingredient – Västerbottensost – (I heard some IKEA’s around the world sell it, otherwise, you can replace it by Cheddar, but I’m not so sure if it will be the same!).

After having tasted this pie in a number of occasions, I decided to bake my own, and I am, not at all, disappointed with the result!

It’s important to say that this cheese has been produced the same way since 1872, and only a few people have the secret for its recipe. Västerbotten’s cheese can only be produced in Sweden, and the small dairy, which produces annually around 140 000 cheeses, is located 50 km away from the place I live.

If you ever find this cheese on sale, give it a try. It is completely different from the other types of cheese!