Icing season

It can be so short that you almost miss it! That’s what happens in a country like Sweden, where there are 8 different seasons, according to the Sami people. It might seem too much, but there are so many changes between the different seasons, that 4 are not enough to describe the weather throughout the year.

I was looking forward to this icing season, since I practically missed it last year. Unfortunately, the same happened this year. A few days with ice on the landscape, and then the snow kicked in… Don’t get me wrong – I love the snow! – but I have enough time to enjoy it, since it will stay here for the next months! I was just hoping that I could enjoy a few weeks with only ice, to make a nice photo album. On the other side, I’m quite happy since it started snowing: I don’t have to walk on baby steps anymore! Besides, it is a lot nicer to drive on top of a nice layer of snow =)

As for the part of being darker and darker every day… Honestly, with all this snow, I hardly notice it! Plus, in a month, the days start to grow again! Meanwhile, it’s ski time – everyday =D


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