The 3 Summers Theory…

…or: how to take full advantage of the best weather.

In Sweden, Summers are shorter and milder than in lower latitudes. However, with the climate changes, nothing is as it used to be, even in areas where the sun would shine for months in a row (Southern Europe). It is now possible to have 2 or 3 seasons in a day!

When you live in a country like Sweden, you want to take advantage of the best seasons – Summer and Winter – since those are the times where you can do more activities outside. During Spring, the snow starts melting, and you can no longer enjoy skiing, but not yet hiking. The Autumn is a bit friendlier, since you cannot ski yet, but there are still good opportunities for hiking, biking…

If you take this into account, and if you enjoy good weather, you will see that the best times to go on holiday (if you have no kids, and thus, are not subject to school times), are the Spring and the Autumn. You can have a first Summer, in Southern Europe, between March and April, and recharge your vitamin D levels. Then, enjoy the nice Swedish Summer, between June and August (still possible to do while you work, since the day lasts 18-24h). Finally, when the days start decreasing (Sep/Oct), you can get ready for another Summer, pretty much anywhere in Europe. This enables you to benefit from lower prices and get away from the high season crowds =)


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