Visiting Southern Sweden

As much as I did in my own country, I try to make the best out of my time, while in Sweden. That includes travelling in the whole country, and though Sweden has more than 1500 km length, I am trying to visit the South as much as I can, including the beautiful islands. The month of June was perfect for that, with two long weekends.

In such a huge country, it’s easy to understand that the landscape and climate can change quite a lot, making each region unique.

I had visiting Gotland previously, and though it was in Autumn, I still loved it. This time I chose Öland and I came back completely in love with this island. The weather also played a role, since it was around 27-32 ºC, sunny and hot all the time. But what surprised me most were the similarities with the Mediterranean: the limestone strata, the cropped fields, the white sandy beaches, the clear crystal water… I must say that I felt completely at home!

Perhaps, the most significant thing about Öland are the windmills, some based on Dutch models, some with their own design.

Unlike Northern Sweden, that until quite late, was a no man’s land, apart from the Sami, Öland has been populated since the Stone and Iron Ages, which means that numerous traces from the past can be found there. In addition, thanks to its unique landscape, the island is also part of UNESCO, and almost a hundred nature reserves can be found across Öland. As a consequence, a wide range of fauna populates the whole area, like seals, red deers, hares and hundreds of birds. I was lucky enough to see the seals, amongst others.

One plus of visiting the island at this time of the year is being able to fully appreciate the blossoming of all the different flowers, and get lost in the colour palette on the fields 🙂