Swedish food I just cannot live without…

Lately, I’ve been finding a lot of posts about the stuff Portuguese miss the most when they move abroad.

It might be shocking for most of the people but I don’t miss Portuguese food! And the reason is simple: yes, they say Portuguese food is one of the best in Europe, but for people who eat meat! Yes, we have codfish, but we have been eating it dried for ages, when we could taste it like Norwegians do! That’s real codfish 🙂

I would say that around 80% of the typical Portuguese food is meat. Very heavy (caloric) food and nutritionally unbalanced (like rice, potatoes and beans on the same meal), it has never been to my liking, even when I ate meat, as a kid.

Then you could ask: and the pastries, and the sweets? They are even sweeter than in Sweden, and very caloric (long goes our tradition of adding 24 eggs to a cake – yes, it’s true!). So, apart two or three pastries that are “dry”, I don’t really appreciate them to miss them.

There’s also a lot of dishes in Swedish cuisine with meat, specially in Northern Sweden, where hunting is a part of life. Then, there’s fish, like surströmming, but that is another story.

One day I leave Sweden, there are some items I will certainly miss, because they are unique, and I cannot find them outside Scandinavia:

  1. Kanelbullar/Cinammon buns – the most amazing pastry I’ve tasted. Very simple, but we don’t have it in Portugal (probably, because the recipe takes only one egg).
  2. Lax pittypanna (small pieces in a pan) – the traditional is made with potatoes, onions, beetroot, egg and chopped meat or sausage.  The one with salmon is wonderful. And the vegan alternative is also delicious!
  3. Polarbröd – flatbread, light and soft, excellent for sandwiches (rye, wheat or oatmeal). I was never a bread eater, but for picnics and going outdoors, this bread got my heart!
  4. Fil – something in between yoghurt and milk, but sour, and suitable for lactose intolerant people. The Swedish yoghurt is very good, but the fil is delicious!

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