Sweden: living at two different rhythms

I don’t know if anyone experiences this, but for me life in Sweden has two different rhythms, considering the two halves of the year: Summer and Winter (or the daylight/night phases).

In the Winter, as much active as you might be, given the short period of daylight, apart skiing and snowmobiling, you do most of your activities inside. This means you tend to read more, watch more movies, maybe even cook more, or dedicate yourself to a special indoor hobby. You even sleep more (though, even in Winter, I still think it’s a waste of time!).

In the Summer, with days lasting almost 24h, you want to be outside, and make the most out of it. You can work the full day, and still have a beach day, or going for a nice bike ride, and have a picnic with the sun up in the sky.

It’s as if the first half of the year you are in slow motion, slowly building up for what’s coming in the Summer months. I remember last year, specially on the weekends, I wanted so much to be outside, that there was not a single weekend from mid-June till the end of August, that I didn’t camp! And I was sleeping less – and it was not due to the lack of night, rather the need to seize the day/sun, the best I could, before it decided to go on holidays again for a long period!

Though it might be more balanced having day and night every day of the year, it is also more boring. The sun rises and sets exactly at the same time (or close) every day – I cannot imagine anything duller… You can never sleep in with the dark sky, you can never have dinner with a nice sunset… It may be hard to believe, but getting used to the day/night differences in Scandinavia, it’s a lot easier than it seems!

I’m already counting down the days for the camping season to start!