Winter Sports

Just because it is Winter, it does not mean we cannot be active!  Rather the opposite – I’ve been spending a lot of time outside, even on the coldest days!

Though some sports tend to be more difficult during the Winter, they are not impossible. Hiking is more challenging, but you can still do it, if you wear snowshoes. I don’t feel safe biking, because all of the ice we can find on the roads, and buying a fat bike, just to use it 3 or 4 months a year, sounds too expensive…

Riding a kicksled can be quite nice, and I enjoyed a lot more than I expected! But if we have to go uphill…

However, from all of the Winter sports I tried, the skiing has delighted me the most 🙂 I tried cross-country skiing a few weeks ago, and though I am still working on my balance and brake, I loved it! I thought I would not even bother to try downhill skiing, because I was having so much fun with the cross-country! Big mistake… Glad I tried it last weekend, because I loved it! Now, I don’t know which one I should pick, at least for starters… Does not mean that I am not going to do both, but I don’t want to buy all the equipment at once!

And I have not even tried snowboard, which has always been in my wishlist… Unfortunately, snowboard is not so popular as it used to be (maybe due to severe injuries…) and classes’ availability is really limited. I will try it again next Winter.

As for the ice skating, I think it’s really beautiful to watch, but I don’t dare! It sounds too dangerous… Maybe when I feel more confident about the skiing!

The Winter might be too long, but who said it would be boring? I thought I was going to read a lot, but I haven’t managed to finish my booklist from 2015…


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