About emigration

Lately, I have been hearing/reading a lot on how emigration is such a difficult process. One must not forget that everyone is different, and, above all, each situation is different.

Did you decide to leave your native country because you were unemployed? Because you met someone from abroad? Because you wanted to change your life? There´s a range of situations on why one decides to move abroad. Some were forced to, some wanted to.

90 % of the people complain about how difficult it is to leave everything behind, and how sad it is that they can never get rid of the “emigrate” and “expatriate” labels, ever again. Is that so? Because I never felt that way…

I had a nice-paying job, but the job was not challenging enough for me, and the atmosphere at the company was awful, to say the least. So, I packed my stuff and drove away (literally!). To this day, I have never regretted that decision, nor do I think I will.

I was not forced to emigrate. I had a job for life there, if I wanted. But I did not want to do the same for the rest of my life. And feeling that my work was not appreciated… I wanted to have a career abroad! My life motto has always been: if you´re not happy, move on. I only have troubles finding out why most of the people cannot do the same!

So, it makes me a bit sad when (some) people talk and ask me if I am holding on. If I´m holding on? It sounds like I´m in prison… I came out of my own free will!

Please, bear in mind, that not all emigrants are feeling depressive and lonely, quite the contrary 🙂 There´s a life out there to be lived – 194 countries in the world to be explored! And I have barely started 😉


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