Winter solstice

Or the shortest day of the year. It happens tomorrow, and here in Northern Sweden, the day barely reaches 3.5 hours. Could have been worse, if I was located above the Arctic Circle – the sun doesn’t even show up above the horizon.

Since the twilight here is considerably longer than in the South, it means that the day is a bit longer than 3.5 hours. Anyway, we get the advantages of it in the Summer. People may not understand, but after 7/8h working, I can still enjoy, at least, 7/8h outside, with a bright and warm sun 🙂

And though it may be cold (-20 ºC when I took these pictures), it is still worth to go outside and bedazzle at this! After a 2h hike, we had to go inside a bus station, to have our picnic and hot tea, and warm up. With this kind of temperatures, the moist from our breathing turns immediately to ice, and this weather requires a lot more effort from our lungs, so it is very important to dress accordingly, and rest once in a while!

I never thought I would say this, but so far, Winter is the most beautiful season in Sweden. Call me insane, but I’ve never seen these kind of landscapes. Yes, I still love the Summer and a nice day at the beach, but these are possibly the most amazing pictures I’ve ever taken.

And what a nice White Christmas this will be =)


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