This is the name given to the wide buffet that takes place during December, in restaurants all over Sweden, as well as in Swedish homes.

It starts with the glögg and a pepparkakor cookie. Weird way to start, right? Then the fish appetizers (more than 20 different dishes, among trout, salmon, herring, codfish…), with a lot of different sauces, as well. Then the meat appetizers, which includes a wide range of ham, reindeer, moose… Finally, it is time for the warm food, which includes both meat and fish, and even some vegetarian options. After all, we are in Sweden, the equality country 🙂 The traditional drink is Julmust, the Swedish version of Coke, but tastier! As all this wasn’t enough, there’s the traditional table with desserts, which includes both cheese and crackers, and cakes and cookies, with the so much appreciated coffee or tea.

It is quite different from the Christmas table in Portugal, and I liked it better, because it includes a lot of fish. Something I do not appreciate in Portugal is all those typical fried sweets. Here, everything is baked and much healthier (my stomach appreciates it!).

And this was my first Christmas dinner this year, quite different and interesting! The second one will be in Israel, maybe even more exotic, since they don’t celebrate Christmas there!


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