Christmas Time


Although Christmas is celebrated a bit everywhere, it is mostly, a Northern Hemisphere tradition. We always associate it with cold and snowy days. Has anyone ever heard of Christmas in the Fiji Islands? No…

So, nothing better to celebrate Christmas, than driving to the Arctic Circle, and meet the real Santa Claus. I know it’s the typical tourist route, but I had to visit Rovaniemi in the high season, at least, once. Done! And it was not so crowded as I had imagined (apparently, most people arrive just before Christmas’ days). The weather was quite nice (sunny!) but it snowed overnight, making it impossible to spot the Northern Lights 😦 And Santa Claus did not give me a reindeer, said he needs all of them to make sure presents are delivered on time. Yes, right…

Swedes start to decorate their houses and gardens during November. It is a dark month, and all the light eases away the lack of sun. In December, there is not a single house without the red star or the traditional candlestick.

Christmas time for Swedes means also extended holidays. With all the holidays and weekends combined, in a generous year like 2015, it is possible to have 15 days away, using only 5 working days. Like the Summer period, this is the time of the year where most Swedes take holidays, whether for staying in Sweden with their families, or going as further South as they can, to get a glimpse of Sun!

Last weekend, I tasted the glögg (like the German glühwein) for the first time, and I loved it! The only wine (if I can call it wine) that I like. And why is that? Because it’s made of a mixture of red wine with spices and raisins – delicious! They say we should drink it with the traditional Swedish ginger cookies (pepparkakor). There’s a lot more food in Christmas but, as always, there’s more meat than fish!


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