Winter colours

It started snowing two weeks ago, and I had to wait until the weekend to take the first pictures, since now the day has shortened a bit. The first snowfalls are magic, because there is only pure snow, without mud and oil. Believe me: I love Summer, going to the beach, and wearing flip-flops, but the snowy landscapes are amongst the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!

People ask me how I can deal with the cold and darkness, being from the South. In fact, I’ve never enjoyed being in Portugal from November until February – it rains a lot, normally, and the days, though longer, are too cloudy, sometimes. There is a lot of humidity, and 5 ºC can feel like -5 ºC, or even less, if it is too windy. However, it is true, that the last Winters have not been Winters at all, with temperatures reaching the 20 ºC in November – Global Warming, thank you for that!

At this moment, sunrise occurs at 9 am and the sunset will happen before 2 pm, which means that no matter at what time I start working, I will go to the office when it’s (still) dark, and will come when it’s (already) dark. You get used to it. The snow helps a lot, since it makes everything so white and bright, specially when it comes to driving!

Anyway, you still have the weekends, and if it is sunny, with all the snow, it’s wonderful! The colder it is, the higher are the odds that it’s going to be a sunny day, and those are my favourites. Still, if it’s not too wet, -15 ºC will be as bearable as -5 ºC, in Portugal.

The good thing is that in 3 weeks’ time, days start to grow, and here, close to the Arctic Circle, they increase 6 minutes a day, which means that, by the beginning of April, a day will span for almost 14 hours! A month later I don’t even need to switch on the lights anymore… Until September!

Winter also brings Northern Lights, something all people desire to experience, at least, once in a lifetime. I’ve watched some this season, but I want as much as I can get!

Welcome Winter!


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