Fall in Sweden

IMG_6927 IMG_7103 IMG_7187 IMG_6979

I haven´t written for a while, because I’ve been too busy enjoying Sweden before it is swallowed up by the darkness during the next months!

I thought Fall was the most boring season in Sweden, but after the shitty Spring we had this year, I have to change my mind. Fall can be great in Sweden, there’s even an expression Golden Fall, which needs no explanation, if you look at the pictures. This Fall was even more golden because it gave the Scandinavians an amazing show of Northern Lights in the beginning of this month. Something so powerful that was enough to make me go outside in pyjamas just to capture the moments. Needless to say there were -2 ºC!

The temperatures haven’t even dropped, though almost everyone is expecting the first snowflakes to fall on the coming weeks. I haven’t even had the need to change for my Winter clothes. With temperatures ranging between -2 and 10 ºC, there’s absolute no need for that! The weather is so dry here, that, for the same temperatures, it is much more bearable here than in Portugal.

Some Swedes don’t like this season because it’s a preview of what’s coming: 4/5 Winter months, with cold and short days. But some love it. It means ski, snowboard, Christmas, lights on the windows, fireplaces on… I was here in January, so I know how it feels like, and as soon as the temperature drops again, I just hope that it starts snowing! November and December are the worst months of the year, I fear, due to the lack of snow, and a continuous growing of darkness, and the only ones I don´t know yet.

Everyone (specially in Portugal) asks me what am I going to do during Winter! There’s always so much stuff to do, that I hardly doubt that I’m staying a weekend at home! We’ll see… 😉


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