Surströmming time

Last month I visited the Surströmming Museum in Skeppsmalen, Örnsköldsvik, and I learnt a lot of interesting stuff about this Swedish delicacy! Including that most of the flying companies decided to forbid the transport of these cans, since a German couple was forced to pay the “damages” to the rest of the passengers, due to a smelly explosion on the aircraft… Yes, this happened in Skellefteå airport!

Being so, I knew that I couldn’t fail tasting it this Summer. The traditional day is the third Thursday of August, but since I respect my colleagues, I decided not to do it in the office. Instead, I went to one of Luleå‘s islands, far enough not to pollute the mainland!

How wise I was when I decided to buy only a small can (they were selling them off – I wonder why!), because even a small can contains 6 fishes! 6 rotten fishes! And since I am such a brave girl, I decided to eat them alone, without potatoes or bread! I can tell you that the taste is not that bad, but the smell? It’s worse than any of the ecological toilets I’ve been finding in Sweden’s National Parks… I decided to bring the can as a souvenir, so my backpack might need to be burnt! Needless to say that the can is at my balcony, underneath soapy water…

According to the museum, suströmming was discovered when some sailors forgot to put enough salt in the fish, during the storage process. Then, they eventually tasted it, and liked it, and decided to start selling it!

After this, I have still a list of things I want to accomplish:

  1. Driving on an ice road
  2. Swimming in the ice
  3. Riding a moose

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