7 months and 15000 km

This could be a nice title for a book! Instead, this is how I addressed the problem to my car insurance company. As all Swedes know, the insurance fee is based in the mileage hired, amongst other factors. When I hired my insurer, I was thinking about 20000 km/year, but the insurer convinced me to choose 10000 km/year, saying it was already too much, and that I probably would not drive that much (living alone and being a woman!) and that some people even deregister the cars during Winter to avoid extra costs! I ended up choosing the 15000 km/year, but not really convinced, since I meant to go to Norway on an extended roadtrip…

The problem is that apparently I cannot sit still, and it’s quite rare a weekend where I drive less than 300 km. How can you do it, Swedes? When there’s a lot of interesting stuff to visit and always so distant?

For obvious reasons, I’ve been travelling mostly in Västerotten and Norrbotten. Arvidsjaur, Jokkmokk, Kiruna, Tärnaby, Älvsbyn, Boden, Luleå, Umeå, Höga Kusten… I already went to Bjuröklubb three times and to Holmön island twice. Now, I started visiting the islands in Luleå (since there are so many, it shall keep me busy for a while!). Some Swedes ask me if I am still missing any part of Sweden! Of course, I have a lot of trips I intend to do in the South, but those will require more planning and time. I may repeat places, but then again, there are 4 seasons (even 8, in Lapland!), so the landscapes are completely different!

What about the 29 National Parks in Sweden? And all the interesting museums? The high season is so short that it will take me a lifetime to visit everything I want to! I understand that the climate is harsh for most part of the year, but the museums and sites could open more than 6 weeks per year (and more than 4 hours per day!)…

IMG_5792IMG_5839  IMG_3431IMG_3648   IMG_5912IMG_6014


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