Holidays in the North

IMG_3990 IMG_4253 IMG_4427 IMG_4599 IMG_4652 IMG_4823 IMG_4898 IMG_4919 IMG_4988 IMG_5066 IMG_5113 IMG_5127 IMG_5145 IMG_5150 IMG_5167 IMG_5403 IMG_5479 IMG_5572 IMG_5649 IMG_4032

I haven’t written for a while, due to a pretty good reason: 3 holiday weeks in Northern Scandinavia! 3 perfect weeks of camping, hiking, driving and exploring both Sweden and Norway! 5000 km, 3 ferry crossings and a lot of mosquito bites!

When I knew that I was coming to Sweden, I decided I would spend the first Summer in Norway. I had visited Norway 15 years ago, but the furthest North I had reached was Narvik, since I was travelling by train. So, I had Lofoten, Vesterålen, Nordkapp, amongst others in my wish list for a long time! Don’t get me wrong, Swedes: Sweden is beautiful, but Norway is even more outstanding!

This was not the typical Summer in Scandinavia, though it was far nicer in Norway than here in Sweden. Some Norwegians with whom I spoke to, were also complaining about the weather. However, I only got 3 rainy days out of 20! And the pictures speak for themselves!


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