6 months in (Northern) Sweden…

…and I still haven’t fall out of love with Sweden! And I have to point out “Northern” because there are many differences between South and North!

1. Yes, the weather may not be the best (normally, at this time of the year, it’s usually much more pleasant!), but we get used to it. On the opposite, we find amazing places to hike, bike and kayak! And whenever we go, there’s a place to grill and eat!

2. We don’t need to switch on the lights for 1/3 of the year! It’s amazing going to sleep with the sun up in the sky, and then waking up as it seems already 11 or 12!

3. The standards of living are really high and you can have a comfortable life and not having to worry about health, education, transportation or other public services – everything seems to be in place and works really well!

4. It’s probably one of the safest countries in the world to live in – you should observe the general security rules, but it’s not like someone is going to steal from you, the minute you turn your head around!

5. Everything is always so clean and everyone respects it – there’s no garbage on the ground (although there’s not too many dustbins either, and I was almost hit by a crazy Swedish woman for throwing a yoghurt in a private dustbin!).

6. Even though most of the Swedes are quiet and serious (much more than in South), they will be friendlier once they get to know you, and if you speak some Swedish 🙂 And after some time, you start to love them!

7. People trust you and respect you at work and you can take holidays whenever you want, for as much weeks as you like!

8. I’ve been loving to drive around and find interesting places everywhere, even though the high season in Northern Sweden spans only for 6 or 8 weeks, and I’ve been having troubles finding the museums I want to visit open! I’ll leave you with a bit of Norrbotten and Västerbotten!

IMG_1195IMG_2523  IMG_2005IMG_2371IMG_2887IMG_2306