The Midsummer is possibly the most important day of the year for Swedes (correct me if I’m wrong!). I totally agree! And this year I think it was even more special, since the Summer actually arrived on this day!

I had friends coming over from Portugal and since they really wanted to see how the Midsummer celebration was, I took them to Skellefteå, and we joined the celebrations in Bonnstan. My friends had been reading about Sweden and they wanted to taste the famous surströmming (soured herring), but in the end I was glad that we didn’t have a can opener with us! Swedes say it’s an acquired taste, but I remember my Swedish teacher saying that it’s disgusting… A guy even told me that, if done at home, I would have to repaint or redecorate all the walls. And I once had my room filled with that “pleasant” smell when I was still living at the hotel – I thought it was a gas leak!!! No, I want to do it, but I am not ready yet! Anyway, the traditional time for it is by the end of the Summer, so I still have some time…

With the Midsummer came my first bathe in the sea! And I chose the most beautiful place for it – Bjuröklubb. Although the water was a bit cold, the feeling was amazing!

People say the most traditional celebrations of Midsummer take place in Southern Sweden, contrary to what I would think. Basically, it’s a get together among friends and family, to celebrate Summer’s arrival. People eat, drink, dance and play music around a maypole. What’s there not to like it?

I noticed that a lot of people were wearing Summer dresses and shorts for the first time this year, as long as eating icecreams, so, this is indeed a special day.

The only thing that makes me depressed is the fact that now the days are no longer increasing… And up here in the North, they decrease 6 minutes/day – that’s a lot, if I compare it to Portugal (only 2 minutes). But there’s still a whole Summer to cherish, and I couldn’t love more this time of the year! Sun all night long 😉