About the people in Scandinavia


I have just finished reading this book and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more! So, a few lines, according to the author, that best depict these 5 nations. This is not meant to offend anyone:

  • Denmark – they pay the highest taxes in the world, but still, they are the most happy people;
  • Iceland – they really believe that the elves exist (I had read a lot on this when I visited Iceland…);
  • Norway – they have a lot of oil and gas, and prefer to be alone or only with the nature;
  • Finland – it’s almost all about drinking and saunas;
  • Sweden – the most friendly people towards immigration and the most successful in industry.

The author is from England but married a Danish women, with whom he has 2 kids. He knows a lot more about Denmark, obviously, but he has been travelling around the whole region for quite some time. Even though Iceland is not part of the Scandinavia, he felt he could not left them out, since they are Norwegian descendants.

The book is really worth it, if anything, for a good laugh!


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