Northern Lights


This post is delayed almost 3 weeks, but I did not have Internet at home by then…

First of all, this picture is courtesy of a friend of mine, so, no credits for me!

For years, I dreamt of making a trip just for the purpose of gazing at the northern lights. I’ve given up this plan several times, because it’s really hard to predict when they will occur, even in a period of great solar activity. We know that Scandinavian skyes are not known for clear nights, specially during Winter, so there are lots of northern lights that simply go on and off without noticing. Luckily, it was not the case this time!

As you might have noticed, there was a severe geomagnetic storm last month, on 17th March, which allowed this and many other amazing pictures. It was specially nice in the (real) North, but considering it was so powerful, it could be spotted all the way up to Hungary, Germany, England and the Netherlands. The KP index, which measures how strong an aurora will be, reached 7 out of 9! With 9, one can simply watch an aurora while standing in the middle of Plaza Mayor, weather and lighting permitting, of course. Unfortunately, that event only happens every 11 years, because it is related to the solar cycle. I cannot complain anymore – I’ve watched these outstanding northern lights from my balcony and I feel such a privileged for living in a place where there isn’t too much light!

One more thing checked off my bucket list 😉


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