Welcome to Sweden!

First weekend being able to drive for quite some time – I had to go for a drive! Besides, the weather was just perfect! Before coming here, I couldn’t imagine how the sun could really bright like this up here! Yes, the Spring is just starting and the temperatures have been between -1 and 8 ºC! But believe me, when the sun strikes, it’s really powerful!

Right now, and it’s only March, the sun rises already before 6 am, and doesn’t set before 6 pm, which means it’s halfway! The difference is that, while in Portugal the day gets bigger 2 minutes every day, in Sweden it’s 6 minutes! And considering the day has to reach up 22 h of daylight, it’s still a great path to walk! I don’t intend on buying curtains for my room, because I like it just the way it is. And in the Winter I won’t need them! Besides, having no curtains, gives me the opportunity to enjoy the northern lights from my own bed! By the way, this is the third night in a row with northern lights over my balcony!

I went to discover two nice nearby spots that were on my “To Do List” for quite some time, so that I can impress foreigners when they come for a visit! First one is Bjuröklubb, a nature reserve on the coast, with a nice view from the lighthouse and some nice walking trails. In the Summer, one can go to the beach there, and I think it’s an excellent place to celebrate Midsommardagen! On my way there, I managed to go to the land of the most famous cheese in Sweden – the Västerbottensost. Local museum dedicated to the history and production of this cheese and a pleasant cafe, where people can taste it.

The second spot consists on a series of waterfalls in the Byske river, specially known because it’s one of the favourite places where salmon spawns. In the Summer it’s possible to watch salmon swimming up the river through some special windows built underneath the waterfall! The waterfalls are not impressive but still really nice to admire – the water flow is so strong that it doesn’t freeze completely, even with -30 ºC!




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