God, I missed you so much!


Still, the process ended up being even quicker and simpler than I thought! I’d like to summarize a bit, what it’s like to import a EU car into Sweden. Even though people at the Transportstyrelsen have always been so kind and propmt in their responses, the process is a bit confusing on the website, and some information is not well explained and totally certain.

First of all, if your car is from EU, you skip the first steps: you don’t need to clear the vehicle through Swedish Customs Service, or pay VAT (unless you car is new). I imagine this VAT might be a high expense, but if your car is new, it is probably worth it!

Then you have to apply for verification of origin (a simple procedure just to check the vehicle is not stolen). If you really need to drive, you should also apply for temporary registration. This is free, which means you only pay 600 SEK for the verification of origin. Of course it means you need to hire temporary insurance with a Swedish insurer, something than can cost you about 1500 SEK per 3 months. You’ll get temporary number plates while you are waiting for the inspection. In my case, I only had to wait 5 days, which was totally affordable, but comes in handy if you have to wait a lot more, and really need the car!

After getting your verification of origin approved, you will book the registration inspection (1700 SEK with the number plates already included). This inspection is to grant you your final number plates and evaluates the whole car (they even want the manual, even if it’s in another language). You leave this inspection with a paper stating your future number plates. They check the lights, tires, fuel emissions, car dimensions… Then you’ll have the roadworthiness inspection (unlenss they accept an old one you might have done, if it is according EU standards) – 395 SEK.

3 days later you’ll get your number plates on your mailbox. You attach them and apply for the regular car insurance. 5 minutes later you can licence your vehicle for use and go for a drive! 3 days later you’ll get the notification for paying the road tax on your mailbox.

Yes, it’s that simple, and I am still amazed that some documents I had were only in Portuguese and were accepted, without problems. I wonder if the opposite ever happens in Portugal… If you have a new car, withinh EU standards, there’s no problem at all. Other cars might have some problems, if driven the opposite way, or with different headlights regulations… Check first to avoid a second visit to the inspection! So, for about 2500 SEK you can register a car in Sweden! For me it was totally worth it, because I would pay a lot more for a new or almost new car, even though they are considerably cheaper here than in Portugal! I know this process is much different from country to country within the EU, so you might want to check first, to avoid disappointments later!


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