Homeless and carless…

Well, not really. Actually, I have a home, but with nothing on it! And it’s warm and I can put my stuff in it, which is not bad at all. I just don’t have a sole piece of furniture where I can sleep or sit on.

My container should have arrived today, but they messed things in Lisbon, so it will only arrive on next Sunday. Since it will arrive to Göteborg, it should take 2 ou 3 more days to get up here. And then I will finally unpack my things, that have been stored in a container for the last 3 months!

My car passed the first stage of inspection (why wouldn’t it?) and I’m now waiting for the inspection day… Unfortunately, since it is a special inspection for imported vehicles, it will take more than I expected, because they have no availability at the moment. After that, it will just require 3 ou 4 days to get my new licence plates! But until then, I cannot move much… Even in Sweden, when you are stuck up in the North, public transports are not like in Stockholm!

So these are the little things we never expect to go wrong when we move in to another country. So I really want to stick around in Sweden for quite a long time – I don’t even want to think about moving or importing my car again!

And I am now 30 – yeah, that is probably the biggest event of the week. And I had a great Friday night with my mates from the hotel – we went to a nearby slope in the forest, had some rides in our sledges and cooked a fine meal on the fire – it was really handy to have a Swede on the group, because he really knows how to do it! Swedes love outdoors, and there are countless spaces out there, with great quality, and where everyhting is provided (lights, wood, benches and tables). You just have to go and have a sit! I can foresee many picnics happening in the Summer!


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