An early Spring?

I had been promised a late Winter until mid-April, but for the first time, this year is being different! Have I brought the sunshine from Portugal, as some say? The truth is that the snow is melting away and the temperatures barely reach the -5 ºC, with a lot of days on the plus side already! The worst part is that this makes it a bit dangerous to walk on the streets, without slipping. Since the beginning of February I’ve been having nothing but sunny days, and amazing sunsets! So the odds are high that they might even be better by Summer time!

I made improvements this week, regarding my emmigrant status. I have now a Swedish ID Card, a bank account and the best: I have finally found a nice house (at least for now)! This means my container is already on its way to the North, but unfortunately it is going to take between 2-3 weeks to get here. I have already submitted the documents to register my car in Sweden, and hopefully, the process will be quick and smooth, and by mid-March I’ll be able to drive again, with my Swedish licence plates on!

I have watched my first live ice hockey match – from the first row! Even though the favourites didn’t win (my city’s team), it was still a great match to watch. They were too aggressive but I kind of enjoyed it, much more than I had expected! It’s really different from any other game. I don’t know all the rules yet but I am already a fan! And some of the players are really hot!

Yesterday I have spent the whole day driving Audis! Yes, the work at the company can be quite stressful and tough sometimes… I don’t even know how I can handle it!  And on top of that, they paid me for doing it… Anyway, now I am completely skilled to handle all kinds of Winter conditions on the road (as if there was any doubt left, after driving from Portugal to Sweden, during Wintertime!). The course was really handy, the driving instructor was amazing and I have learnt a lot, regarding braking/stopping distances, cornering and avoiding obstacles! And even though I have become a fan of Audi TT, I wouldn’t change my car for any other!



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