A bit more Swede

For 2 reasons:

1. I have already my Swedish ID Card, which means I will be able to finally open my bank account, and then “import” my car! One step further!

2. Yesterday, I went snowmobiling for the first time, which makes me a bit more Swede. It was awesome and I enjoyed even more than I could have ever expected. Although it was the first time for me on top of a motorbike, I managed it quite well, considering it was a trip of about 60 km!

It was a funny (working) day – yes, Swedes organize meetings in the middle of the forest, up in the mountain, so that everyone has to grab a snowmobile and attend the meeting! Even though everyone else was eating reindeer, they even fixed me a great vegetarian lunch! And this “only” to attend the monthly Health and Safety meeting! The only part I have to complain is that I don’t have a single muscle that doesn’t hurt… But, as they say, no pain, no gain! I might as well get addicted to snowmobiling – I won’t forget the amazing feeling of riding above a frozen lake, or the sense of freedom of being on top of a mountain! It was also a great opportunity for better meeting my colleagues 😉 Needless to stay I was the only girl!

   10968411_10200278482441721_9126478585935755749_n 11001912_10200282511702450_1475411945238544770_n

   10991251_10200282518302615_6859620328308962878_n 10978557_10200282513462494_7565546436738691764_n


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