Safe and sound

Yeah, that’s right, I made it through the real North!

I won’t resist pointing some high moments of the rest of the trip:

– Crossing the fantastic bridges of Storebælt and Oresund;

– The Southern Sweden with its beautiful woods and lakes;

– The coast between Hudiksvall and Umeå, with the snow-covered road;

– The arrival in Lapland, having witnessed two aurora borealis and six cute reindeers, with increasingly more snow everywhere!

It really is beautiful up here, even more than I had expected. And believe me, though the sun rises at 9 am and sets at 2 pm, we still have plenty of light, due to the brightness of the snow!

The car has managed pretty well, so far, and I hope, it will! For the following week I have many issues to deal with, starting with the Skatteverket and the Transportstyrelsen. Only then I’ll get my bank account and start looking for a permanent house!

I can’t say I am not nervous for my first day, but I’m really looking forward to it, at the same time!


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