First impressions

This is being quite a trip! That’s the reason why I haven’t been updating the blog as often as I should/meant.

Since tonight is New Year’s Eve, I thought I could make a reference to the best since I’ve started this adventure:

– The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao with its impressive art collection;

– The beautiful city of Troyes in France;

– The first snowstorm, caught between France and Belgium border, on the beautiful region of the Ardennes;

– The Belgian cities of Dinant and Namur, on my bucket list for quite a long time;

– The city of Maastricht with its cute water channels and covered by a thin layer of snow;

– The German cities of Osnabrück and Lübeck, also on my bucket list, and an absolutely must go, specially the last one;

– The pleasant lunch in an almost Summer day in New Year’s Eve, in Flensburg, in front of the port, just before entering Denmark.

– This cosy Bed and Breakfast in Bogense, on the Danisch coast, where I chose to spend this special night, and their hosts, which have been so kind to us.

And because 2015 is going to be a terrific year, I wish also the best to all of you!


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