First impressions

This is being quite a trip! That’s the reason why I haven’t been updating the blog as often as I should/meant.

Since tonight is New Year’s Eve, I thought I could make a reference to the best since I’ve started this adventure:

– The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao with its impressive art collection;

– The beautiful city of Troyes in France;

– The first snowstorm, caught between France and Belgium border, on the beautiful region of the Ardennes;

– The Belgian cities of Dinant and Namur, on my bucket list for quite a long time;

– The city of Maastricht with its cute water channels and covered by a thin layer of snow;

– The German cities of Osnabrück and Lübeck, also on my bucket list, and an absolutely must go, specially the last one;

– The pleasant lunch in an almost Summer day in New Year’s Eve, in Flensburg, in front of the port, just before entering Denmark.

– This cosy Bed and Breakfast in Bogense, on the Danisch coast, where I chose to spend this special night, and their hosts, which have been so kind to us.

And because 2015 is going to be a terrific year, I wish also the best to all of you!


Ready, set, go – from Portugal to Lapland in 2 weeks

Ok, so this is it! After a great week resting, surfing, going to the cinema and saying goodbye to friends and family, I’m off to Lapland! The weather forecast seems really nice for the following weeks towards the real North. I know I am gonna miss this weather and a lot more, obviously, but it’s now or never!

The car is full to the brim and eager to start the roadtrip. So am I!

First stop planned, besides the technical ones: Bilbao. Here we go!

Fulfilling the agenda

I am about to leave (in 2 or 3 weeks) and excited as I could be! Having set up the stuff to be picked up by the Removals Company, some last-minute shopping and a few farewell dinners, my car is undergoing some major Winter procedures the following week.

The weather is still nice along the European route I intend to take, a bit chilly now and then, and that’s it.  Even in Sweden, the weather is pretty nice (from -2ºC to 2ºC). The worse will come in January but I might not even notice it, as I will be terribly absorbed in house hunting!

I look forward to my first day at the new job. However, as soon as I get to 7th January, I will get more nervous and anxious. In the end, I know it’ll all go well, but I cannot avoid these feelings!

Only 5 more days at my job – you have no idea how I feel lighter and lighter from day to day!