The countdown has begun

It all seems easy in the beginning, but then a full list with tasks to accomplish before moving comes ahead! Of course the most difficult was getting the job, and that is already in my hand!

Everyday after work I have to pack stuff into 3 different boxes: things which will go to Sweden, things that will remain in Estoril and things I wish to give away. There’s no better time to get rid of those things you’ve been collecting for a while, and you didn’t even notice you had them!

I will work fore three more weeks, at the same time I pack the rest of my stuff. In the meantime I am preparing my car for the real Winter. This, yes, has been the main challenge, since my company will deal directly with the removals company about my moving. People at the Swedish Transport Agency have been more than kind to answer all my doubts about the car and driving license. I already feel we’re family because there’s not a single week I won’t write them! From what I’ve seen so far, Swedes are not at all bureaucratic – they want things to run smoothly and fast.

I have decided to make the trip by car (they gave me the flight option) because I have a lot of things to take in the first place. The remaining stuff will arrive in February/March, hopefully when I am fully set in.

The search for the house is difficult. Not only do I need a Swedish Personal Number given by the Swedish Tax Agency, but also the house renting system in Sweden is weird. There are more houses for sale than for rent, and contrary to Portugal, it’s pretty affordable to buy a house. Of course, I am going to rent for now!

The Swedish Personal Number is a magic number without which you can’t practically do nothing in the country! So, that’s the first step as soon as I get there. Then, the Bank (in order to get my paychecks) and then, the Swedish Welfare. And for me, as a newcomer, that’s pretty much it. Having done that, I will be treated as a Swedish citizen! I have a few more places to go to register my car, so that it can be Swedish, too! And then, house hunting! Which will not be easy, considering it’s dark most of the day…

So, my first weeks will have a lot of activity!


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