A dream come true

I thought I would write this first post much later, much further away! But I decided to uncover some glimpses of this new adventure right away.

It all began in September when I got an invitation for an interview in Sweden. I was most thrilled since I was really unhappy at my job, for quite a long time. An interview didn’t mean a thing, but what did I have to lose? – they were paying me for the flight and the hotel!

Even though the interview went well, I did not know right away if I was going to get choosen for the job (there were more candidates). So, the first few days after getting a glimpse of my dream job were really hard, as I started to think I had lost this opportunity…

I got the magic phone call a few days after the interview! My life would never be the same! I had always wanted to work in Scandinavia, an there I was! Almost there!

I am officially starting this adventure on 7th January. However, it has already begun. My life these past weeks has been nothing but phone calls about moving companies, vehicle regulations in Sweden, house hunting in Lapland…

Some people have told me I had a lot of courage to take this step. What?? I know lots of them are not happy at their jobs at the moment; yet, they do nothing. That, yes, is courage for me – accepting something indefinitely, just for the paycheck at the end of the month! And please, do not feel unhappy for me (even if it’s fake) because I’ve been expecting this for a long time! This is my moment, don’t spoil it, please! I could not be happier 😀


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